LloydPans is differentLloydPans is different

Grandma Pizza

Grandma Style Pizza Pans

Grandma Style Pizza Pans make it possible to achieve the type of thin, and somewhat dense, olive-infused pizza crust that Italian-American grandmothers have been making for years. GRANDMA PIZZA PANS

Detroit Style Pizza Pans

Detroit Style Pizza Pans

When it comes to creating Detroit Style Pizza, you need the right pan for the job. We couldn’t agree more. That’s why LloydPans designed it. Traditional sizes available. DETROIT STYLE PANS

The Equalizer, Equal Slice Pizza Cutter

The Equalizer

Multi-Blade Rocker Knife: Perfect for School Lunch Programs where portion control is as important as size or By-The-Slice sales for customer satisfaction.

Sub Sandwich Roll Pan

Sub Sandwich Roll Pans

The 4 trough sub sandwich pan allows bakers to provide house-baked rolls. The permanent stick-resistant coating will make production and cleaning a snap.

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