Care & Use of LloydPans Kitchenware


2 Very Important Things You Need To Know
To Be Successful With Your New Pans.

  1. Hand wash only. Never wash pans in the dishwasher. Avoid the caustic chemicals present in dishwasher detergent that will damage the surface of pans and void the Warranty.
  2. Turn your heat down. LloydPans cookware with Dura-Kote® cook hotter and faster than other pans and you must use a 50% lower setting to avoid burning and sticking. Experiment!

After Use

Keep the surface clean and free from any food buildup. The easy release relies on a very smooth surface. With care, LloydPans Cookware will easily serve you for years. Please refer to our Care & Use brochure and the section on cleaning to maximize the life of your pans.

Our Care & Use brochure is available as a pdf.

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