Bar/Tavern Style Pizza

Watch the video interview with Brian Spangler and Blaine Bartholomew. See how they make a Jersey style, bar pizza with LloydPans Bar Pizza Shovel. Download Brian's Bar Style Pizza Recipe!

The Bar Pizza Shovel is used to improve the crispiness of the crust. Other types of pizza pans are used as well for Bar Style pizza and Tavern Style pizza. Pick the pans that match your style.

Bar/Tavern Style Pizza PansBar/Tavern Style Pizza Pans

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Bar/Tavern Style Pizza Dough Recipe

Makes 6 -12” pizzas or 8 -10” pizzas

  • Flour 962g (100%)
  • Water 464g (48%) at 95 degrees
  • Salt 20g (2%)
  • Lard* 60g (6%)
  • Sugar 20g (2%)
  • Dry Milk Powder 20g (2%)
  • IDY 6g (.62%)

* Substitute corn oil, canola, or olive oil with the same weight

Mix all ingredients except salt and lard at 1st speed for 2 minutes. At the second-minute mark at the salt. At the four-minute mark at the lard. Stop mixing at the 6-minute mark. The dough should be approximately 85 degrees.

Press into an oil-sprayed container and let rise for 1 & 1/2 - 2 hours or until doubled in size.

Punch down and refrigerate immediately.

Sheet/Roll out 24 hours later and then stack the well-floured discs, between sheets of sandwich paper on a pizza pan. Wrap in plastic wrap and let rest in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

Wipe the inside of the Shovel Pan with a light coating of canola oil, or use canola spray, pull one of the dough discs from the fridge, and dress. No need to let the dough warm up.

260 grams per 12 inch at approximately 1/8” thickness

180 grams per 10 inch at approximately 1/8” thickness

160 grams cheese for 12” and 110 grams of cheese for 10”

80% whole milk mozz, 10% aged provolone and 10% aged white cheddar is our preferred blend.

3 oz sauce for 12” and 2 oz sauce for 10”

Bake at 550 for 7-8 minutes on baking steel or stone. Start by baking on the pan, then move pizza from pan to baking surface at the 3-4 minute mark and finish.

Recipe provided with great appreciation to Brian Spangler of Apizza Scholls.

Bar/Tavern Style Pizza Recipe

Download a PDF of

Brian Spangler's

Bar/Tavern Style Pizza Dough Recipe.

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