12 Inch Perforated Pizza Cutter Pan


Perforations in pizza pan provide heat to reach the crust and moisture to escape when cooling.

Gives Pizza Crust That Wonderful Crispy Snap!

  • 12 Inch x .750 inch deep
  • Heavy 14-gauge aluminum
  • PSTK Finish is PTFE Free and Metal Utensil Safe
  • Cooks pizza quickly
  • Even hole pattern designed for thick or thin crusts
  • Consistent, uniform heat conduction
  • Gives a snap to the crust

Note: Always cool your pizza with some space underneath to keep crust from getting soggy.


The secret to great crust! Use this ring under your perforated pizza pan after it comes out of the oven.
The airflow underneath allows steam to vent keeping crust bottoms dry and crisp. Made from heavy aluminum.

Add a Pizza Cooling Ring below.

More Information
Top Diameter 12
Bottom Diameter 11.25
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