18 by 13 Inch Sheet Pan Oven Roaster

This 18x13-inch half-sheet pan and perforated insert with nibs (or feet) gives baked foods extra crispiness and removes some of the fat from chicken wings, sliders, ribs and more! The innovative baking pan keeps foods high and dry instead of having them sit or stew in unwanted fats and oils. The results are impressive: crispier products and a cleaner oven!

Sheet Pan

Manufactured in the USA from heavy gauge aluminum, these professional baking pans (sheet pans) are a staple for every baker. Reinforced with a heavy all aluminum wire in the rim, these sheet pans will never rust, flake, chip, or peel. Our exclusive coating minimizes cleanup, often eliminates parchment paper or sprays and improves your baking times. A superior sheet pan!

  • Superior durability
  • Hard anodized aluminum
  • Stick-resistant coating for easy release and cleaning
  • Metal utensil safe (recommended!)
  • Heavy aluminum wire in the rim for strength
  • Made in the USA

Roaster Insert

A perforated insert with nibs or feet that fits inside the half-sheet pan. Keeps foods from sitting in unwanted grease and oils and promotes a crispy baked product.

  • Stick-Resistant Coating for Easy Cleaning
  • Hard Anodized Aluminum
  • Metal Utensil Safe
  • Made in the USA


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Beauty Marks

roaster-marks.jpgThese are commercial grade pans designed for excellent performance. We do not spend a lot of extra time and expense to make them "look" good if it does not affect performance. Sheet pans have small production marks on the lip and on the center hole of the insert form anodizing. They have been finished with a non-toxic, quartz-like mineral-based release coating and will not chip/flake at those spots. These marks will not degrade the performance in any way and are normal on all pans.

Half Sheet (18"x13") Oven Roaster Set
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